A Simple Method

The whole e-book was designed based on a simple but powerful premise.

In most areas of expertise (music, arts, sports, academia, marketing, and so on…) the skills we get from studying and practicing it will follow a similar curve, as shown below:

Learning Curve

As you can see by the curve, in the beginning of our practice, we learn most of the skills required to become good at something. In fact, in most areas, you only need to practice 20% of a subject to achieve 80% of proficiency in such area.

This discovery was made by Pareto (source: Wikipedia), and applied initially to economic factors.

What does it means to us?

Considering the Pareto’s principle (80/20 principle), we developed an e-book teaching only what you need to start playing guitar in the shortest time possible.

In the e-book, we’ll focus on the important stuff first, and worry about becoming a superstar later. The idea is to take you to the green dot as soon as possible.

Why do so many methods fail?

Most methods try to make you awesome at everything at once. Because of that, you gather a bunch of skills, that won’t get past the red dot in the graph.

After months of practice, you’ll see that you have a bunch of skills that didn’t get past the 10% mark. That’s when most people will grow frustrated and give up.

We can fix that!

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